Current projects....


Performance with Suzy O'Mullane on 1st March 2015 in The Guest House

Café Paradiso Pinhole engagement in progress

Sonic Vigil 9 2nd May 2015

Making a Koto: Listening to a meditation on sound " Music for Zen Meditation" by Tony Scott, featuring a Koto, I decided to make in progress


The activity of pinhole photography practice can be as rewarding as the realisation and presentation of the final prints. The time consuming activity, dependent on the intensity and direction of the light in relation to the objective of each photograph, can produce unexpected results.

Simple self made pinhole cameras are loaded with the light sensitive photographic media in a darkroom, taken to the desired location and then placed to capture the selected situation. The exposure time varies from 5-6 minutes in bright sunshine to several hours in indoor areas. The barely discernable, or lack of human presence in the images represents the environment we inhabit, and our effect on it, rather than a visual representation of individuals. 120mm film pinhole cameras, allowing more flexibility are also utilised.

Remaining with the camera during the long exposures allows a thorough examination of the location and its' features, prompting new directions or interpretations. Potentially each photograph I take can become a mini residency.

Sound practice

Contemporary composition by organisation and arrangement of noise and sound using field recordings, found sounds and self made instruments.

Two areas of practice
Field recordings and found sounds assembled, treated and arranged in the studio environment.

Self made instruments assembled from a variety of "everyday" objects and parts, fitted with microphones, physically plucked, bowed or stroked, treated and amplified in live performances or sessions. These are a combination of improvised and semi-arranged pieces, often in groups with other "sound artists"


Katie O'Looney

Francis Heery

Anthony Kelly

Mick O'Shea

Pauline Ovileros

Karen Power

Tony Langlois

Vicky Langan

John Godfrey

Ed Devane

David Stalling

Mick Fitzgerald

Viv Corringham

Danny McCarthy

David Toop

Mikael Fernstrom

Sean Taylor