The installation, a collabortation with Katie O'Looney, responding to one of the themes of this years festival 'Sound is the vocabulary of nature'.

UNDA - loosely translated from the Latin expression for wave or ripple or flow.

The process of improvisation and composition and representation in the installation in one of the old farm stables was inspired by ideas of Adrian Bejan in his book Design in Nature: How the Constructural Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology and Social Organization

"The constructual law is a first principle of physics that accounts for all design and evolution in nature. It holds that shape and structure arise to facilitate flow. The designs that happen spontaneously in nature reflect this tendency: they allow entities to flow more easily. Rain drops, for example, coalesce and move together, generating rivulets, streams and the mighty river basins of the world because this design allows them to move more easily."

The installation contained film loops made by Katie, a continuous small water fall with a laser beam shining through it into a dark internally illuminated tank.
The sound of the water was accompanied by a field recording of rain drops slowed down and phased.

A corner of the darkened room, with wind blown curtains oscillating the daylight that did penetrate the space, contained a string sculpture incorporating the Fibonacci code within it's structure, referencing patterns in nature.

UNDA     Curtains

water detail    Fibonacci_Code_Sculpture


Hilltown New Music Festival